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To download AntMem, you must select the amount of RAM currently installed on your computer (round down).  To find out how much you have installed: right click "My Computer" and click "Properties".


The beauty of AntMem is that it is so small and compact that it does exactly what it's supposed to, clear out your system's memory, without leaving any artifacts.  When you click on the AntMem icon a dialogue box appears to inform you that the program is about to defragment your system memory.  Then after that, another dialogue box appears that informs you of a successful memory defragmentation and the second after you click "OK" on that box the entire AntMem program leaves your system memory, to provide you with the best performance possible.

We have never had a single report of any problems with AntMem, and there shouldn't be due to its simplicity.  It will run on any Windows 98/NT4 machine and higher.  It even runs on many Windows 95 machines, so if you run Windows 95 give it a shot.

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